Our estimating provides a detailed list of included items and services that easy to read and clearly states what’s included in the project estimate. We are specialized for high end residential project that reflects the high quality and craftsmanship. Our estimating tram understands the complex changes arising in residential construction and able to create a clear picture of cost with our estimating process.

Design + Engineering

ProWood Inc can be your Design+Build partner as we can able to recommend material and finishes that would achieve the look and design futures you looking for and in the same time stay in budget. We can find solutions for the design challenges and simplify complex construction, can recommend alternative martials and manufacturing process to simplify production and save time and money. We also provide detailed shop drawings following AWI standards. Our shop drawings clearly show fabrication details, hardware locations, material and finish details. We also make sure that all the components can be delivered and installed as specially in the New York City challenging real-estate spaces.

Project Management

As our team awarded with the project, our responsibility to manage and deliver the project on time in schedule. After an initiated contract, our process as follows: Our team review the detailed project scope and start with engineering the project for shop drawings. If any questions arise, we address it before we start the shop drawing process. Ones we complete the shop drawings including all required details, we submit package for approval. Alter we receive approval, we verify all field conditions, and final adjust project plans if required. As we have all details finalized, we start the scheduling, ordering and fabrication process. The project manager clearly communicates scheduling and completion timelines. Ones the fabrication is complete; we inspect everything before it leaves the shop to the jobsite. Our delivery team carefully bring all items to the jobsite in perfect condition for our installers.


We are specialized for high end residential project fabrication and finishing – Our goal is to use the highest quality material and shop finishes to achieve high quality products that reflects our craft and the style desired. Our cabinet makers use traditional and modern manufacturing techniques depending on the project needs. We can produce custom laid veneered panels and doors, you can even pick the wood veneer in our supplier online store. Our shop sprayed finishes are high quality Italian polyurethane and acrylic finishes, providing durable, long lasting finish. We also specialized to create custom stained, glaized, ceruzed, bleached wood finishes as per the project requires.

Shipping + Installation

Ones the fabrication is complete; we inspect everything before it leaves the shop to the jobsite. Our delivery team carefully bring all items to the site in perfect condition for our installers. Our dedicated installers make sure to install everything according the approved shop drawings and deliver clean and on time completion. Out team hopes to serve your custom cabinetry and millwork need.


Thank you for your interest, and please send your quote request on this simple form. We will contact you within 24 business hours. Please be sure to include as much information as you can (measurements, wood type, finish type, color timeline of completion.) Please note that the final price can be created after all details have been finalized with us, in person.